Natural Stone

Natural stone can do wonders to change the appearance of your home. It can be used on fireplaces, water features, patios, outdoor kitchens, retaining walls and more.

Natural stone is known to be a long lasting building material. It has a low abrasion value for floor coverings.

Natural stone absorbs the rays of the sun to lessen the heating up of a building.

Natural stone has a low maintenance quality, making the initial cost worthwhile over the long term.

Any desired shape can be achieved. This can give an attractive 3D look to create different shades or light effects.

Natural stones wear well over the long term. They are cleaned easily. Even 100 year stones can be restored to their original look.

Natural stones come from large blocks and can be cut to any desired size or shape. Inlay work can be done also. A large variety of stones are available.

Comes in many color and shapes. The surface can be finished to many desired effects.

Natural stones fits in with the environment, making them environmentally friendly. Can be used in food areas safely and does not release any harmful substances.

Natural stone is found naturally. No manufacturing is needed. It is good for the ecology where is is found.