Water Features – Designing a Modern Garden

There are several landscape enhancements that can bring beauty to the environment and that you can do for outdoor structures to occupy all that empty space. A gazebo or pergola can give that added style and provide a charming addition to your garden. But when you want that serenity factor, water features work best.

With the right water feature you can give your garden an intricate or a modern look. By creating a unique landscape design, you get the perfect place to host a party or plan that intimate date you’ve been planning.
Water features are like a beacon for some wildlife so consider this fact before you make up your mind. A pond will attract frogs and you might find some near your fountain too. Be ready for some songbirds and small animals because your garden water feature is a modern day Snow White!


Ponds look simply delightful and the calming sound of water is simply relaxing. If you want a water feature that makes your garden look spacious then a pond is the perfect choice. They require careful planning and that’s why it’s better to let landscape professionals do the job for you.

When planning for a pond, make sure there are no trees in the nearby area. Even evergreen trees can drop their leaves and needles around them. Decorate your pond with some aquatic plants like water lily, fairy moss, or water snowflake. Add fishes to the pond and you’d have the perfect water feature to enhance your garden’s aesthetic value.


Easy-care fountains are the need of the hour for small gardens. They are available in various shapes and sizes, so finding the best one for your small garden won’t be a problem. The sound of splashing water can set the right mood for your romantic date or a family gathering.

You can choose from a long list of different options. There are sphere fountains for an artsy look or you can go for stainless steel fountains for a modern look.


Waterfall is a relaxing water feature that can add a natural feel to your modern landscape design. It looks simply incredible but the best part is the sound of running water. The calming and soothing effect it has can create the right mood. All you have to do is close your eyes and you’ll be transported to a natural waterfall, in the middle of some woods far away.

There’s no doubt that water features can add to your garden. So don’t wait any longer. Give your garden the edge it needs to elevate its beauty. With the right water feature, your garden can stand out and add some magic to your surroundings!

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